Setting Up Your Garage For Success

The garage is a large area in our homes that allows us to store our cars and odds and ends that we don’t want scattered around the house.  For many people, they will have a standard cement or concrete floor in their garage, the perfect surface for day to day use.  However, if you are going to be using your floor more as a showroom or if you want to use it for a more professional reason, garage floor epoxy may be a great option to apply.


The first step in anything is going to be organization.  You want to have your room organized and the items easily accessed.  For many people, they use the garage for lawn tools and Christmas decorations.  For others, they use it as a workroom and area to get things done.

garage floor epoxy

To start the organization process you want to separate your items into specific areas.  You want to have piles for tools, small items and even separate things into piles that have constant use or just don’t want to throw away.  When you know what you have and where it is going to be located, you don’t have to tear apart your garage for a rake or hammer.

Do it in stages

You want to organize your garage in stages.  This means that you want to first empty the garage and clear away the clutter.  From there, you want to have your area marked off and start putting things away in an orderly fashion.

Install shelves and other storage devices

Don’t be afraid to install shelves, peg boards, cabinets, benches and other items that you can use to store items and to keep things together.  When you do this, you can really take advantage of space and don’t have to contain items on the floor or in the corners.  The more effort you put into the process the greater use you will get out of your garage.